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Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We have a love of learning

We encourage creativity and curiosity

We strive for excellence

Our mission is to

•  Put children’s needs at the centre of everything we do;

•  Ensure children feel safe and secure through a culture of respect and trust;

•  Value all contributions, celebrate diversity and individual talents;

•  Provide the highest quality learning experiences;

•  Enable children to feel confident in extending the boundaries of their learning;

•  Enable children to become motivated, responsible citizens who are well prepared for life in modern Britain;

•  Provide an environment where staff can feel fulfilled and rewarded in what they do;

•  Be a fully contributing member of our local community.

Our core values

We have a shared Respect for one another and value diversity across our school community.

We develop kind, caring relationships built on a foundation of Trust and which ensure everyone feels safe.

We promote a Love of Learning where children can develop across all areas of the curriculum.

We model and use effective Communication to enable everyone to feel part of our school.

We foster Creativity to develop expression, approaches to solving problems and an appreciation for each other’s work.

Excellence underpins everything we do; we will not accept anything less!