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Stone Age Workshop

On Thursday 3rd December, for our Stone Age workshop, Jack from Portals of the Past came to teach us more about the Stone Age. First we entered the hall and met UGG (Jack).  After talking about the three different species of humans, UGG chased us around the hall telling us how hard it would have been to survive and catch food back then. He also told us about the different types of animal that would have lived in the Stone Age, like the scary, terrifying sabre tooth tiger, woolly mammoth, as well as the woolly rhino. He explained that they all have very thick fur for the winter and to keep them warm through the Ice Ages. 

After that UGG showed us a few Stone Age artefacts like the three different human faces and skulls. Also he showed us a sabre tooth tiger skull. He then pretended that he was a woolly mammoth, and we had to heard him onto marshland or the bog and block his path. To do so it was very hard, but he guided the Homo sapiens because they were cleverer than the other types of humans. It was quite hard and the targets weren’t even moving!

After that, we moved from the late Stone Age to the early Iron Age and UGG was now Pragatoras told us about the wooden spears that were now more sophisticated with harder ends made from iron that could slice through your rib cage in one go

WOW so pretty powerful overall. We got to shoot spears (foam javelins) at animals (furs on the back of a chair) to see what it would be like to hunt animals for food!  It was quite hard and the targets weren’t even moving!

We had an amazing day and the workshop really brought the Stone Age to life!

By Joseph L-S and Henry – 4H