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School Uniform

We believe a uniform looks smart, wears well and contributes
to a feeling of belonging to the school. It is also designed to be simple, practical and economical. Please ensure that your child has the correct clothing as listed below, and you clearly label all items so these can be returned to your child, if lost.
  • Grey plain skirt / grey pinafore dress / grey plain school trousers or shorts
  • White school blouse or white polo shirt
  • Green school sweatshirt or cardigan (with school logo)
  • Green checked or striped dress
  • White or grey socks (above the ankle) or grey opaque tights
  • Sensible black school shoes

PE Uniform

  • Yellow school t-shirt (with school logo)
  • Black shorts (in colder weather, children are permitted to wear either leggings or jogging bottoms but these must be either dark grey or black) 
  • Trainers
  • Children should wear their school sweatshirt or cardigan with logo, over the top of their PE t-shirt 
  • Swimming costume/trunks, swimming hat, flip-flops and towel (Summer term only)

We would like children to bring to school one, small rucksack or bag, containing all the items needed for the school day, such as their homework and pencil case.

An old shirt for art/craft is also useful.

Ordering Uniform
Please follow the following link to order school uniform:    Brigade Uniform Supplier

Secondhand Uniform

Affordable and good quality secondhand uniform is available at our local Charity Shop - Age UK Vintage store