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School Library

The school encourages children to discover the pleasure of reading and recently we have refurbished our School Library and completely changed the stock which our children can borrow.  Thanks to our partnership with the Hampshire Library Service, we regularly refresh the books on our shelves so that your child can always find something new and engaging to read. 

The children have open access to the library and can borrow books using our computerised self-issue system. We have our own Librarian who will also assist children in choosing books and who makes sure the library is available during lunchtimes.  We also have Junior Librarians from the upper school who take responsibility for signing in and out books and helping other children to be inspired to read widely.  

We have put together some recommendations for the Upper and Lower school to include more contemporary, high quality authors. We encourage children to make their own recommendations and if you are in need of a new book, Class Teacher's are always happy to recommend!

The school encourages children to use the public library facilities too and every year, a number of our children take place in the Summer Reading Challenge. Click on the following links for further information on resources and reading ideas.